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“Chess is a war over the board. The object is to crush the opponent’s mind.” – Bobby Fischer

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Fundamental Openings

We will teach you all major chess openings. These are categorized as: Flank Openings, Open Games and French Defense, Semi-Open Games, Closed and Semi-Closed Games, Indian Defenses.

Tactics & Motifs

We will cover all motifs, for ex: Attraction, Blocking, Clearance, Discovered Attack, Distraction, Double Check, Fork, Interference, Overloading, Pin, X-Ray Attack, Weak Back Rank, Zugzwang, etc.

Plan & Strategy

In this we will cover Attack Plans, Defense Plans, Initiatives, Tempos, King Safety, Piece Development, Pawn Promotions, Undefended Squares, Trading, Checkmate, Outposts, Pawn Structures, etc.

FIDE Rules

We will understand FIDE tournament rules, like: Initial Positions, Legal and Illegal Moves, Completion of Games, Chess Notations, Scoring, Player Conduct, Arbiter and his role, Points, Chess Clock, etc.

Game Formats

In this we will understand major chess formats which are followed in tournaments, like: Round-Robin, Swiss-System, Eliminations, Buchholz System, etc.

Time Controls

We will learn the time controls mechanism in tournament plays, like: Blitz, Bullet, Rapid, Standard, Compensation, etc.

End Games

End game is critical stage of a chess game. In this, we will learn: Importance of Minor Pieces, Pawn Square, Triangulation, Doubled Pawn, Philidor Positions, Lucena Positions, etc.

Traps & Puzzles

We will learn major chess traps like: Lasker Trap, Halosar Trap, Monticelli Trap, Kieninger Trap, Blackburne Shilling Gambit, Marshall Trap, Légal Trap, Elephant Trap, Rubinstein Trap, Mortimer Trap, Noah's Ark Trap, Tarrasch Trap, Magnus Smith Trap, Siberian Trap, etc.

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